About Us

After 30 years at its current location and 32 ystaffears in Thomasville, Mom and Dad’s Italian Restaurant continues to thrive from its long time customer base. We serve the citizens of Thomasville Tuesday through Saturday, as well as the surrounding areas of Moultrie, Monticello, Camilla, Bainbridge, and Cairo. We are feeling the crunch of the economic crisis just as most area restaurants and businesses and we wanted to help by becoming involved with the Thomasville City Thanks Card for the last 2 years. We hoped this would help some that might not be able to enjoy an evening out to be able to continue to come out occasionally.

We came to Thomasville by way of Tallahassee. Our family came to the United States from Ancona, Italy in 1972 and we worked with our Family in Tallahassee at the Mom and Dad’s Restaurant there until coming here in 1977. It has been a successful business because the people of Thomasville so graciously accepted us as one of them and because we had a hard working, lifelong staff that made it what we are today. Osvaldo and Tita Pistelli and their sons, Massimo and Danilo, dedicated their days to making it the best it could be and in the beginning that meant long hours. They were open for lunch and dinner and that meant getting to the restaurant at 5am in the morning to get things started. They have had many wonderful employees and it has also been very much a family oriented place from our kitchen workers to our servers to our customers. Two of our current employees have been with us for 30 years, Barbara Byrd and Jan Fletcher. Not only have they been here for the duration, many of their family members have also worked here and continue to work at Mom and Dad’s on a regular basis. Most of Barbara’s family have worked in the kitchen alongside her and Tita and continue to do things like Tita would have wanted them done. Jan remembers that this was a close nit relationship and that she felt she was part of the family and wanted to do her very best for Osvaldo and Tita and continues to do her very best for the restaurant, as does Barbara.

Mom and Dad’s continues its family style of serving with Danilo and Anna Pistelli running things as smoothly as they can and now their children, Anthony and Daniella help and can be seen continuing on in the family tradition. We are lucky to have employees that have been here for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years and their families are also passing down this tradition to their kids. We have a mother, daughter, and son working here currently that have worked here, 18, 13 and 11 years consecutively. We all pitch in and help each other during these hard times and we will continue to do so for our customers for years to come.

We all want to thank all of you in Thomasville and the surrounding areas for making us the restaurant we are and keeping us on our toes, so we can continue to serve you for years to come!